Reimagined Couture

Reimagined Couture - 

Where the lost and discarded is found.

Exquisite fashions and adornments, created with love and passion.

Antique laces are lovingly hand sewn together into a patchwork of new beginnings with silks old and new.

Hand stitching is a big feature of my work and also sashiko the japanese style of using numerous stitches together, as we often call darning, an art form in itself.

Many of the silks I use are hand flower dyed, a simple organic steam method using flowers, to obtain the true colours of nature.

Using a combination of  Antique laces carefully hand sewn onto new silk before being beautifully embellished further, with hand dyed silk, hand made silk flowers, embroidery & beading.

My hand dyed silks using an organic flower dyeing technique feature in my work often, as the colours lend themselves beautifully to the Antique laces giving an aged floral romantic feel.

An old gown with stains and tears can be reused in this way which also gives provence and history to to a dress.

My styles are simple in design allowing the colours and silks to speak for themselves.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or Ideas you may have in mind.