Couture Wedding Dresses

Reimagined Couture - Wedding Dresses & Adornments

Exquisite fWedding Dresses, fashions and adornments, created with love and passion.

Antique laces are lovingly hand sewn together into a patchwork of new beginnings with new silks. 

Where the lost & found are recreated into reimagined Couture garments & Adornments

Usinga combination of  Antique laces carefully hand sewn onto new silk before being beautifully embellished further, with hand dyed silk, hand made silk flowers, embroidery & beading.

My hand dyed silks using an organic flower dyeing technique feature in my work often, as the colours lend themselves beautifully to the Antique laces giving an aged floral romantic feel.

My styles are simple in design allowing the laces and silks to speak for themselves.

My Couture Wedding Dresses start from £1000.00

One off Samples are often available at special prices - please enquire

Adornments & Tiaras are all unique one off designs they start from £35.00 Hair pins, £85 Hair Vines and £110 Tiaras

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or orders you would like to discuss.