Holistic Jewellery & Adornments

 I specialise in creating Holistic & healing jewellery using high quality Semi-precious stones.
These amazing stones have healing and positive effects on our emotions.
I combine Semi-precious stones with Swarovski crystals and glass beads to bring colour and clarity to my jewellery, highlighting the stones beauty.

I offer a free consultation for clients looking to purchase jewellery, advising on appropriate stones for their needs.
With each piece I also include a small tumble stone to carry and hold for further affirmation and strength.
Every item comes with a pure silk bag and is beautifully packaged with pure silk ribbon and a hand made affirmation card to match the stones chosen.
My jewellery is individually hand made by myself and is unique to each client, as no two pieces can ever be the same owing to the uniqueness of the stones.
If you are seeking truly beautiful and very special jewellery that can assist with our daily lives then please contact me for further information.

I have worked for many years within the fashion & bridal industry, offering a wealth of experience and my own unique individual style.