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Interior Design

Colour Consultant & Stylist
  We all adore colours and magazines, those wonderful little shade cards and sample pots if paint; but realistically how do we choose from so many choices?
How often have we stood in B & Q or Farrow and ball, looking enviously at the different paints, trying to work out how your room will actually look, remembering your mum's fantastic throw, a Christmas present from your sister, the wallpaper that cost a fortune in the hall, the settee you cannot afford to replace it even want to, how can it all work?
My role as a colour consultant is to bring all these items together, to show how in many cases, how with a few simple tweaks and adjustments it can work.
A consultation can literally save a fortune in wasted journeys to stores, frustration and your time.
I work by visiting clients in their homes or by email using your photos and images.
My consultation includes two large hand painted sample boards to display on your wall while assisting with your final selection of colours. A hand drawn and coloured room plan. Further boards can be purchased at £5.00
These are full sized professional sample boards.
When using my email service, these will be posted together with a room colour plan.

Home visits are £150.00 for approx 2 hours.
Email consultations are £100.00
Please contact me to arrange a home visit or email consultation.
I offer a highly professional service in a friendly approachable manner.