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Asking a question

When doing a reading this often poses the hardest part for many people. We all have so many questions inside our heads it is hard to know which one to ask. In todays world we are continually bombarded with information both visual and written, all conflicting and crying for out attention, “Ad Babies” my new term!

So how do we filter out this unnecessary and unwanted baggage that fills our minds with constant needs and why do we carry it around with us like bag ladies?


A question I often ask myself is do I need -------


Do I really need another book on---- or another dress---or another pair of shoes---or 3 tubes of toothpaste, I don’t particularly like because it’s a good price; this one gets us all!

Take some time to reflect, look at your present situation and try to look with an outsiders eyes.

Imagine if you like someone describing you, your appearance, your look, your clothes, the condition of them. What do you do everyday and on weekends. Write down in simple bullet points with a stick man at the centre YOU!.

As you look at this again, reflect on what you seek to change. It could be the simplest of things such as, I spend all my money on books, but I never read them.

I suffer from this one, I love books, I adore books, the covers catch my eye, my ego takes control telling me it now, lest I forget about it; note, a good book to read I do not forget, it goes onto my to get list and I even memorise the cover. Ego buzz off!


Now, I am learning to be patient, to read the book in front of me, which sometimes can be a real struggle and can take weeks or even months and always ego keeps whispering in my ear, don’t forget that wonderful new book by--, the cover is amazing, it looks divine, so exciting, but don’t worry about what’s inside, you wont read it anyway!


So a good question here would be-


How do I make time to read?


Simply by asking yourself this question you hit the source button. Now you can start to seek an answer.


Another question stemming from this could be- How do I organise myself. Going back to stick man write down around him, all the things that stop you from reading. I.e. work, shopping, television, tiredness and we start to see what were our time goes and what we can change or reorganise.

Looking at these areas we can make a conscious effort to say, I will not watch television for I night a week so I can read a book, or I will read a book half an hour before bed two nights a week. Both perfectly manageable and can be reassessed after a few weeks.


The questions are often within our grasp we only really need to look a little deeper.


The same applies to a tarot reading. Often we know what we want, but we seek confirmation of our actions.

So when clients ask for example, “I am at a crossroads, what should I do”?

The cards can only say so much, so I ask questions of the querist as to what they are seeking and ideas they may be perusing in thought before making a decision.


A simpler clearer question could be, I am thinking of leaving my job and writing a book.


Another aspect to my readings is asking the client to create a couple of soul collage cards, which we then discuss often with surprising results.


I hope this little newsletter is helpful and remember I can always be contacted by email: alittlebirdsaid123@gmail.com


If you would like a reading please do contact me.

Blessings to all. Andrea







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