Artisan Hats & Adornments 

" A little bird will perch, but a hat will sing"
Welcome to my world of Artisan Millinery
Where beautiful creations are made and dreams created.
Each hat is a one off, as each dream is as individual as you are.


Exquisite Adornments, hand created with love. 

Where the lost & found are recreated into reimagined Couture garments & Adornments


Antique laces carefully hand sewn onto new silk before being beautifully embellished further, Silks are often hand dyed using flowers, producing the most organic and amazing colours. These are made into silk chiffon long flowing scarves, embellished with antique laces and hand applied stitching.

Silk flowers are always hand made.

My styles are simple in design allowing the laces and silks to speak for themselves.

Hand dyed using an organic method with flowers, Silk chiffon Theodora Scarves start from £350.00

with hand applied antique laces.

Head pieces / Tiaras start from £110.00

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or orders you would like to discuss.