Beau Bleu Interiors - Colourist


Colourist for Interiors

Colour is all around us, everywhere we look we see colour, but how do we choose a colour for our clothes, our homes? As a colourist, I try to show people how colours can suit us, can enhance our homes and bring confidence and happiness to our lives.
There are many ways you can start to discover your colours.
Look at your favourite colour and ask yourself why, it may have personal attachments and memories, it may bring joy. Look at the colours you wear, those that people notice you in, give you confidence and compliments by others.
Are you a warm or cool personality, try putting silver and gold next to your skin and see what suits you.
Another good exercise is to allow your subconscious to choose colours. By flicking through images, do not dwell on them to long, just allow your mind to choose, your brain will pick out images and colour that talk to your subconscious mind.

I am creating workshops in my home to those that are interested in finding their personal colours.
Please do contact me if you would like further information.