I love to create beautiful Illustrations and Artwork and Artisan Corsets, Waspies & Adornments.

As a textile Artisan, I love to sew and hand stitch using fine silks and beautiful Antique laces.
Waspie Corsets - Are exquisite, they circle the waist with such grace, fine and fragile like Fairy wings shaping your waist. they are of course very strong, being made from pure silks, organzas and Antique laces, artfully hand sewn with silk ribbon ties.
They are a dream to wear as they are not as constrictive as a true corset, which makes them so wonderful. Some I have designed have points at the back and front, with little silk wings embroidered and sewn at the back, these are my Angels and Fairies. I will be uploading images shortly.

Some of my silks are hand dyed using flowers in an organic steam method, which produces the most amazing colours that can never be replicated.

Corsets - Are all made to measure

Hair Piece: Antique laces, silks & beading
Hair Piece: Silk velvet with glass beads Edwardian style comb


Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or orders you would like to discuss.